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I just started my first IPA (first homebrew batch ever) a week ago and have a quick question. The recipe instruction I got calls for racking into a secondary after about 1-2 weeks but every homebrewer I know says there is no need and to just leave it in the primary until ready for bottling. If that is the case how long can I leave it in the primary before bottling. I'm not that concerned with clarity as long as a good flavor i'm happy. appreciate any advice.

I leave my beers in primary for 3-4 weeks usually.  Never less than 2, but that's uncommon.

+1 on Denny. I rarely use a secondary, unless I am aging a beer, or doing an extended dry hop. The majority of my beers are in the primary for 3 weeks, and occasionally as long as 4, never had an issue.

I've left really big beers in primary for 6 or 7 weeks without a problem. For something hoppy like an IPA you really want it as fresh as possible. Start checking your gravity at about 12 days. Once you hit a final gravity that is the same for 2 consecutive days, you're good to go.

The airlock bubbling tells me when I should start checking gravity. Gravity tells me when I should start thinking about bottling. I don't think in days or weeks.


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