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Fresh Ginger or Dry Ginger??

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I think all three types so far discussed are vastly different flavour wise

Fresh ginger is spicy but also smooth and a little sweet
Candied is similar to fresh but a little hotter and much sweeter (but that sweetness doesn't carryover as it's fermentable)
dried is Hot hot hot. okay ginger flavour but mostly that warming heat character.

I like to use all three in the same beer. I might even chop up some candied ginger and add to secondary or towards the end of primary

One of my clubmates (last year's Indiana Homebrewer of the Year and NHC medal winner) prefers to use dried ginger.  That startled me when he mentioned it.  But his point was that ginger root has such variability that being able to incorporate a more consistent product into your beer is more important than any extra flavor nuances that a fresh product can provide.  And for any of you that have used ginger, you know that the proper amount is welcome.  But overdosing a brew with ginger can easily make it unpalatable. 

If you expect to make a consistent and pleasant gingered beer, its best to use the dried form.

Ok guys, thanks for the advice.  I'll let ya know how it goes!

I just racked my first batch to the Secondary and going to brew the second batch with the additions on Tuesday. 


The Professor:
If there's a way for you to split the batch, you should try dosing half with fresh ginger and half with dry and see what  you like best...they have very different flavors.

Personally, after experimentation, I think that fresh ginger has  a  much more pleasant flavor.
But again, it all boils down to personal opinion nd it is worth trying both.

And to make it a little more interesting, try a batch with some fresh Galangal is different than either of the other options discussed, and quite wonderful.

So I decided to use .5oz of Dried Ginger Root I bought at my local homebrew shop for my 5 gal batch of Saison.  I added it at 15min and left it in the Primary for 2 weeks before racking to the secondary.  WOW the Ginger flavor is HUGE!  It's way more than I was looking for.  What could I have done different?

I was looking for subtle tones of Ginger not IN YOUR FACE GINGER!

Also, it completely took away the amazing notes the WYEAST 3711 gives to the nose of the brew.


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