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Programmable Fermentation Chamber Thermostat

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Hey all! 

I'm new to this forum, but I've been brewing beer for about 3 years now.
I am an electrical engineer and had an idea last year to design/build a programmable thermostat to control a fermentation device.  It turned out really well and I decided to give it a name, make a business around the idea (Ohmbrew Automations) and go into production with them.  Since then, I've currently built a dozen units of the 'Fermostat' and have sold them to a group of local early adopters to refine the device before I go into a larger scale production with them. 

Basically, the retail version will be a programmable, dual-stage thermostat for a fermentation device or even just controlling your kegerator/keezer.  It has the ability for the user to create and store a program (or several) that creates a temperature profile for your chamber.  This is especially useful for when fermenting a lager where you have to slowly lower the temperature after brewing to the ferment temperature, then slowly increase the temperature over time to do a diacelyl rest, then again lower the temperature to lager the brew.  With the Fermostat, you can create this program (or use one of the pre-set ones).  Running this program will take care of the whole process from start to finish without any user interaction required.

The Fermostat also allows you to maneuver around within a program.  For instance, you want to skip the first couple steps and want to go straight to the diacetyl rest section of the program, you are able to do that. It also allows you to move around within a particular stage, for instance if you want to start on day 3 of the 14 day fermentation stage, it will allow you to easily do that within the menu.

I think I'm going to start a Kickstarter campaign for it in the next month or two which will allow me to pre-sell some of the devices and get the word out there. 

I've got some more information about it on my website at if you are interested.  Be sure and stop by and check it out.  There are a few videos that show it in action on the support page too. The blog page shows has information I've posted throughout the build process and pictures of the first version I built.

Let me know what you think!  Feel free to PM me or email me at too.

Great idea- hope this goes far for ya!

Jimmy K:
Seems quite useful.  Do you know what price you hope to have on the production model?


I'm trying to have the retail version priced around $130 or so.

Dont understand the difference between this and a JC/Love controller.

Is it one stage or two?

What do you mean by "No set up or programming"? Does this mean I don't have control over setpoints/differential?


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