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Programmable Fermentation Chamber Thermostat

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Are there any further developments in controller? Are you any closer to putting his up on Kickstarter?

Yes.  I'm getting there. Thanks for checking!  I'm working on the Kickstarter video right now and hope to have it ready in a couple weeks or so. 

I've most recently been working on the dual stage version of the beta unit. I have several of the units built and am testing out the software updates/fixes for it.  I have also been working on a new PID-type controller algorithm to control the output. This will allow for the Fermostat to predict how the temperature will react in the future based on previous data. This will prevent overshoots and temperature oscillations and create quite a bit more temperature precision than other controllers out there.   I'm still ironing out the details for this new algorithm and it probably will have to be included in a future update for the units.

Looking forward to the Kickstarter launch.


Last in on your early bird.  Glad I found this thread.



--- Quote from: bhchrist on June 05, 2013, 08:09:29 PM ---Caleb,

Last in on your early bird.  Glad I found this thread.


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Thanks Brett!

And yes, the Kickstarter campaign is currently running!  Check it out if you're interested!!


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