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Re-freshing tired yeast

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One issue out of several I have with pitching onto yeast-cakes from successively stronger batches is that there is a lot of dead yeast in that slurry. And this is no good thing.

I prefer to pitch a cup instead of the entire slurry- but rebuilding a starter is even more preferable!

If you have another option, I wouldn't harvest from a high-gravity beer, but if that's all that's available I say go for it. A 7-ish% beer isn't that much tougher on the yeast than a 5-ish%.

I'm playing with this right now.  I saved a slurry from a 1.096 dopplebock and let it settle out then dumped about half of it into a liter of 1.030 wort to give it a little feeding.  Once that fermented out I popped it in the fridge, which is where it's sitting right now.  Once the yeast settle out I'm going to decant off the spent wort and rinse it with cooled boiled water and then store under the same.


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