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I'm brewing an Irish Red Ale. (Heating up strike water)

Using BeerSmith2, I started with an Irish Red Ale that I created based on BJCP Guidelines. Then, I changed the beer style to American IPA and tried to get everything within that guideline. So, I basically turned an Irish Red Ale into an Irish Red IPA. I have high hopes for this beer. I think it will turn out delicious.

But, I may want to submit it to competitions. So, since it's technically an American IPA minus American Ale yeast, I probably won't be able to submit it to American IPA competitions. I'm using White Labs Irish Ale Yeast for this beer. Yes, I'm doing this to experiment but also, St. Patty's Day is near.

How do I submit this to competitions assuming it going to come out to be delicious? Or, do I have to find one of the "creative competitions"?

-- Chris

If it meets the description for an American IPA, enter it as an American IPA. If it meets the description for something else, enter it in that category instead. The judges don't know (and shouldn't care) what your process was in designing the recipe.

My point is that it's an American IPA with Irish Ale Yeast. I don't think the Irish Ale Yeast counts. But I'm not sure.

I think Sean's point (and it certainly is my point) is that if it tastes like an American IPA (which it most likely will, because Irish ale yeast doesn't have a lot of flavor forward character) enter it there. If it tastes like something else (American Amber?) enter it there.

judges don't know what yeast you used. it may certainly come out with a yeast-derived character that isn't typical for an IPA, but that isn't necessarily bad.

if it tastes like a good IPA and has a red hue, then i'd go for it as an IPA or maybe American amber. if you're hopping it like an IPA it likely would not do well as an Irish red.

we (and judges) aren't drinking numbers...


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