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Vitners Harvest Apricot Puree Gravity

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--- Quote from: mtnrockhopper on January 28, 2013, 09:06:52 PM ---Fruit purees add both sugars and volume and often the end result is similar or lower gravity.

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--- Quote from: htaytobrewing on January 28, 2013, 07:03:03 PM ---Williams Brewing says 1.036-1.048 for this but that is a big difference. Not sure what would be accurate for this.

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These are the details from the website I ordered it from:

Hot filled puree can be added directly to the fermenter, does not need to be boiled.

Specific Gravity 1.036-1.048 when diluted to 1 gallon.
3lb. 1oz. can

I understand that when we add it, it's increasing the volume.  But the 3lb can is only 5 cups which is 40 oz.  We scaled our batch so we should each have 5.5 gallons.  So that's only increasing the volume by 5.6%.  How would one create a new item in Beersmith to accurately add it to the beer?  It says 1.036-1.048 when diluted to 1 gallon, we are not diluting.  Simply adding the can after the bulk of fermentation is done.   Basically, I need to know how to correctly add the specific gravity so I know what the abv is.  We don't want to end up with a 10% beer.  I just wanna know how to do this correctly, so we can scale the base beer's ABV.

Jimmy K:
If it is 1.040 diluted to 1 gallon, then I believe -
40pts * ((16 cups/gallon) / 5 cups) = 128 gravity points
So 5 cups of undiluted purree would have a gravity of 1.128.
I'm not sure how to add it to BeerSmith. I'm sure somebody else can answer that or you could email Brad Smith. I'm sure he'd help you.
Also ...
40pts * (1 gal / 5.5 gal) = 7.27pts
So without adding to beersmith, you can assume that the purree will raise the OG of your beer by 0.007.
I hope my math is good this morning


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