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Hi All,

    I'm a long time brewer, noob to the forum. I recently made the switch from fly to batch sparging, where, so far, I've had good luck and love the time savings. My question is , do I need to worry about adjusting sparge water pH in batch sparging ?  I adjust mash pH via Bru'n Water. My understanding was that sparge pH worries are greatly reduced in this method. Thanks !

I'm a batch sparger that uses bruunwater for both the mash and the sparge.  Not sure if the pH is a big deal on the sparge but it is easy to do and some beers I want my sulfates or chlorides in a certain place.  YMMV

I usually just adjust my sparge pH to about 6. Your mash pH is usually pretty set and will not fluctuate much with the batch sparge.  At least that is what I do and that works for me.  If I am using R/O I generally don't do anything and just add salts to the boil kettle.

If you're in Indiana, then you likely have really alkaline tap water, so you could end up with a high enough sparge pH to be a problem, depending on the acidifying potential of that particular grist. If nothing else, it's probably worth checking the sparge pH, at least a couple times.

Yeah -   The tap water here is horrendous. I use RO exclusively. A much better base.


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