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I've seen quite a few recipes lately that call for a combination of LME and DME and was wondering if anyone knew the logic behind this. Is there a benefit to combining the two, or using one over the other.

I've been using LME and specialty grains for brewing (roughly 6 or 7 years) and reserving DME for bottling.

Just curious, I guess.

I always thought it was because LME usually only comes in predetermined amounts (3lbs, 6lbs) and DME can be used in various amounts based on the gravity you want.

But I could be wrong.  :D

I think Amanda's got it right (but I could also be wrong :) ).

I only use DME because it stores well and I use it rarely.   LME does mix in easier though, so if I needed extract and could get it fresh, I might use that.

Jimmy K:
+1 Amanda

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