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A New Mash Chemistry and Brewing Water Calculator

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When I looked briefly at the calculator earlier this week, it appeared to have a mash pH estimation option based on the same premises as Bru'n water.  These mash pH calcs are based like Bru'n water on the grain bill, color contributions of the malts and type of malts (base, caramel, roasted, acidulated).  I would be surprised if Bru'n water and Kai's calculator at this time provide different significantly different results.

Ease of use could be a difference maker here.

We just released version 1.3 which has a few notable enhancements:

- option to show overall water and mash pH at the bottom of each section. That will reduce the scrolling needed when you try to match a profile or mash pH.
- support for CRS/AMS, which is a HCL/H2SO4 mix used by our UK brewing friends
- support for malt pH parameter entry as DI water pH or acdidity in mEq/kg. That's for folks who know these parameters.

We are working hard on the integration into the recipe editor but want this to work well and intuitively. That's why its taking its time.



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