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Bottling a Barleywine

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My first Barleywine is about ready to be bottled.  I used the WLB 037 yeast and it attenuated 88% from 1.100 to 1.012!  I'm at about 11.69% ABV. 

With this in mind, should I:

A) Rack and bottle as normal?
B) Rack, crash cool, and bottle as normal?
C) Rack, add some dry yeast and bottle?
D) Rack, crash cool, add some dry yeast and bottle?



C has my vote.

Jimmy K:
E) Rack, rehydrate some dry yeast, add to beer and bottle.


--- Quote from: mtnrockhopper on January 30, 2013, 02:24:31 PM ---E) Rack, rehydrate some dry yeast, add to beer and bottle.

--- End quote ---

Rehydrating was assumed, but you got me..... ::)

Also, when you add the yeast, what is the process?  Add, stir, bottle?  I've never needed to add yeast at bottling before.


I just bottled a barley wine.

I wracked to an clean sanitized co2 purged keg containing my priming sugar and .5 packets rehydrated yeast (if you do not have access to kegs you can skip to the next section)
I sealed the keg up, gave it a couple good shakes rattle roll to mix everything well
Then I bottled with a bottling wand stuck in the end of the cobra tap.

If you do not have kegs,

Add the priming sugar and yeast to the bucket before racking and let the first part of the syphon get a bit of a whirlpool going. Nice thing about a barley wine is that a tine amount of oxidation is not going to hurt you at all, it might even give that extra note of complexity that you want (key word here is TINY)


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