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What is an adequate wort boil time

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I've been adding an extra gallon of water or so to my tun near the end of my sparge, and just let it gravity run off while I'm finishing up the rest of my brew day. I end up with a gallon or more which I can just boil up and use for my next starter.

I trust I don't need to boil it all that long as most of it will be decanted off the yeast. I've been going with 15-20 minutes, or enough to evaporate it to around 1.026-30 gravity. Then I either can it, if I have a goodly amount, or refrigerate or freeze.

Any problems with this procedure?

Your process sounds fine to me.  You are only boiling for sanitation reasons (no hops) so 15 or 20 minutes should be fine. 


I think your gravity is a little low for a starter.  My starters are usually 1.040.

You could also just freeze it and boil it when you make your starter.

AFAIAC, 1.026-30 is perfect for a starter.  Tom, if you're reading, any significant difference to the yeast between 1.026 and 1.040?  Would you prefer one over the other?

To your question, Diane, I agree with everybody else....that should be plenty of time.


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