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What are some signs of infection? Everyone advices that we anally watch over our wort so that infection won't set in.   But what would be a sign that your beer was infected?  I just put a light lager in the secondary to begin the lagering phase.  I noticed some little target like looking films on top of the fermented beer.  It literally looked like a perfect round target.  I felt it with my hand and it was very cohesive.  Not sure if this means my beer is infected.  It took forever (about one week) for the fermentation to begin.  I had to check the gravity several times to see if anything was happening.  Any thoughts?

I've had beers get infected before, but it has never been visible.  I've always detected it by smelling or tasting the off character (most commonly sour or band-aidy).

I recently had a wild yeast infection. The ferment took 72 hours to kick off. Never skipping a starter again. The ferment was very cloudy, never cleared up which was my first indication of something wrong. Final gravity was about 1.002 and tasted like solvent.

Yep...I had a Celebration clone that finished 6 points lower than predicted because it was infected.  Looked great, but smelled and tasted awful.  My first post, by the way.  8)

If you are putting your hand on your beer, that might be a sign it's about to be infected.


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