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We got 1.076 on this recipe. If you want more kick just increase the Munich/Vienna percentage.


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A bit of a side note, but this kind of decoction schedule brings up a question I've always had:
During the long (maybe 90 minutes?) acid rest in the mash tun, phytase is slooooowly breaking down the phytin, right?  Assuming your water chemistry was right pH isn't getting anywhere near "too low?"  ...Is anything else going on at this time?  And if I've done this right, how long would it take for it to be "too long?"  Several hours?

I assume this is just a good temp to leave the mash at since there's no other enzyme activity?

I made a double bock last year that took a first in a large competition.  It is based on the Gordon Biersch recipe.
Tax Day Doublebock 10 gallons
15.5# 52.6% Wyerman floor malted pils (based on 78% efficiency)
12# 40.7% Wyerman Light Munich
1.5# 5.1% Caramunich I
0.25# 0.8% Carafa I
1.5 ounces black patent
pH adjusted to 5.4 with CaCl and lactic acid
This was triple decocted with rests at 103, 138 ramped to 148, then 156, then mash out at 168.
90 minute boil
FWH with 2 oz Hallertauer mittlefruh 14.7 bu's
@60 add 1 oz hersbrucker 6.2 bu's
@10 add 1 oz mittlefruh 2.4 bu's
This was split into two 5 gallon fermenters, one used 800 Pils and the other 860 Helles yeast.
O.G. was 1.084, F.G. was 1.022

The cool thing about this recipe is that it is exactly the same as a traditional bock, just more malt.

Jeff, do you feel the decoction is critical? If so what was the volume decocted at each step? I could use a calculation but wanted to know your volumes for reference.

I might try this on Saturday morning for the first run on electric.

Jeff, which yeast did you like better in the Doppelbock? Or did you blend? Which one won at the competition?


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