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Hey All. Are there any concerns when adding juice from oranges, lemons, limes, etc near the end of the boil? I am not sure if the acidity would mess anything up during the fermentation or with the finished beer.

I would just add the zest from the peels of the citrus fruit.  FWIW, zest from a dozen limes is 3 oz.  I would worry about acidity.

If you add it to the boil, there may not be much left in the finished beer.

I've seen recipes using juiced oranges.  It's possible you could lower the pH too much with lemons or limes, but I think that would be a LOT of juice.  The peels have more flavor though in the finished beer.

Thanks All. I am definitely planning on using the zest with 5 mins remaining but thought about throwing in some juice as well. Sounds like I should just stick with the zest.


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