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cornelius vs firestone

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I only do one keg at a time!


--- Quote from: euge on February 02, 2013, 04:28:25 PM ---I only do one keg at a time!

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From learning the hard way, me too.

Euge - like the tagline from Feynman.

If you're thinking about switching posts, Mike Dixon has some excellent info about thread sizes here...

I got my kegs from  As I was looking at replacement post parts I noticed that they sale two types of "ball locks", which are firestone and cornelius.  But you guys are mostly saying that only cornelius makes ball locks.  Check out this website:*Parts%3AKeg+Parts%3APosts%2FPoppets%3APosts%2C+Ball+Lock           

One of my posts, which I'm assuming is Firestone has 12 points.  My other keg looks to be cornelius.  But the pressure relief valves are the same, as are the lids.  Maybe I have keg that was converted and still using firestone posts.  I really don't understand this stuff very well. 

What do most homebrewers use... ball or pin lock soda kegs?  What would you recommend I purchase?


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