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Hopslam Clone?

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I threw a recipe together last night to try and clone Hopslam, or create something along the same lines, or something just awesome. Here's what I have. What are your thoughts?

Batch = 5.5 gallons
OG = 1.098
60 minute mash @ 153
Mash out @ 175

American Two Row Pale = 15.5 lb
Caramel/Crystal 20L = 1 lb
Carapils = 8 oz
Caramel/Crystal 40L = 4 oz
Corn Sugar = 1.5 lb (added at the beginning of the boil)
Honey = 2 lb (last 10 minutes of boil)

60 minute = .5 oz Columbus
60 minute = 1 oz Simcoe
30 minute = 1 oz Centennial
0 minute = 3 oz Amarillo
0 minute = 1 oz Simcoe
Dry hop = 3 oz Simcoe (12-14 days)
Dry hop = 1 oz Amarillo (12-14 days)
Dry hop = .5 oz Simcoe (5 days)
Dry hop = .5 oz Amarillo (5 days)

White Labs WLP001 California Ale
WYeast 1056 American Ale

I did not run the IBU level for that, but Hopslam is in the 60s. What do yo have?

Yeah, I have heard it is in the upper 60's. I have about 75 here. I have thought about cutting the Centennial addition to 1/2 oz to cut the IBUs to 65 or 3/4 oz for about 70, but I will probably leave it at 1 oz so that I can do"something along the line of" lol.

Also, should I maybe go with a yeast that is more alcohol tolerant? Both WL Cali and WYeast American are tolerant of 11% ABV. That's cutting it pretty close to the 10% that I hope to get out of this beer. If so, what would you recommend?

Well since you asked, if you have the time culture op some from a bottle of one of the beers like Bells Amber or Pale Ale. I have done that for some of my Bells clones.

The Chico yeast 001/1056 will do it, make sure you have a big starter, aerate well when you pitch, and even give it some more air when it is 8 to 12 hours after the pitch. Control those temperatures so it doesn't get too hot or estery.


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