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My First Batch Sparge

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Well, it was way to cold to hawk over a fly sparge to make sure my rates were equal so I decided to have a crack at batch sparging.  Funny enough, I started fly sparging when I first switched to all grain and have never done it before.

I have to say.............I like it!   ;D

I drained the first runnings and added 3 gallons of 200F water which brought the mash to 171.  Stirred up and let settle for 5 minutes and drained and then repeated with 3g of 170F water.  The whole process took 10-15 minutes.  NICE!

Ended up at 78% efficiency too!  I may have to do this more often........


Welcome to the religion!  ;)  If you can fit all the sparge water in at once you can save yourself some effort.

Batch sparging lets me brew more often, since having a family often cut into the time it took to fly sparge. I'm having more fun than ever when brewing from the streamlined process.   A win-win !

I was sold on batch sparging after listening to Denny's  setup on the Brewing Network. I have never sparged any other way. I do 5 gallon batches and only have a 26 litre cooler for a tun so I have to sparge twice to get the correct preboil volume. My sparging process takes about 1 hour as I drain slowly so I can enjoy a few beers before the boil.




--- Quote from: denny on February 02, 2013, 08:25:47 PM ---Welcome to the religion!  ;)
--- End quote ---

"Batch Sparge!  It's the only way to fly"...   oh, wait


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