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holler if you want to meet up or need suggestions euge.  if you like flanders red or kreik nxnw has two amazing examples but they are now hard to get, usually gone in a day.


--- Quote from: euge on March 13, 2013, 01:05:38 AM ---Again I'm missing SXSW and am in Arkansas! Really wanted to hit Austin at least once this week and enjoy some brew. Won't happen I'm afraid.

We don't have the choices in SA but Freetail is quite good. The size of their brew room is about the size of a large closet!

Anyway I'd like a guided tour or the like of the breweries in Austin. Then a taxi back to a hotel...

--- End quote ---

I wouldn't discount SA. You guys have a lot of brewers in the area that make some great beer. I haven't had a bad beer from Ranger Creek but I hear a lot of bad stuff with infected bottles. Guadalupe (although in New Braunsfels) has yet to disappoint. I just discovered Branchline out of SA when I was in Austin. They make an egg nog stout that tasted exactly like egg nog in stout. It was delicious. You could do a lot worse than those three and Freetail plus I have to imagine SA gets better distribution of Austin beers than what we get in Dallas.


--- Quote from: euge on February 05, 2013, 01:51:22 PM ---I'm up in New Braunfels at least a couple times a week. Maybe I should take a left instead of a right and head up to Austin and delay going home. :D Get a room at the Driskill and drink some beer...! And I gotta try some of Franklin's brisket!

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Is Oma's Haus still running? Went there a few times, always ate really well.

For our next trip to TX, the wife is looking at a place to stay in Gruene for a day or two on the way back from the Valley. Nice to know that there is a decent brewery not too far in New Braunfels.

The folks in NB hired me on full-time so I'm there almost every day. Oma's Haus is still open and I don't work too far from there or Gruene. A couple weeks ago had one of the best rye IPA's ever that was made in NB.


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