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Whip In started brewing their own since we visited last year. I have not heard anything about their beer positive or negative.

I kinda dig the no tip thing at Black Star. The beers were pretty tasty as well.

I was just down a couple weekends ago. Went Friday through Monday and hit a lot of breweries/brewpubs and a few bars. My wife and I create a schedule that allows us to hit as many places as possible and we are very militant about staying on schedule whether anybody with us wants to stay on schedule or not.

I'm a big fan of whip in and this was my first time trying out their house beers. They focus on Belgian styles, just like their taps, but I think they had an IPA as well. The beers are unique and spice driven. I had the saison and it was a very different saison for sure. Lots of spices involved, sort of sweet and thick from what I remember of it. It tasted excellent but nothing you would mistake for any other saison.

I think Pinthouse Pizza probably won favorite place in Austin although we drove down to SA for Freetail and I really liked everything I tried there. If Pinthouse didn't win out the Friday happy hour at Hops & Grain did. I had no idea they were putting out so much good stuff beyond their two core beers. I finally nabbed tickets for the Live Oak tour. The tour was pretty interesting because their system is old and simple and not too far removed from the same system a lot of homebrewers use. They give you a ton of beer and it's all delicious. They had a very limited doppelbock on try that was easily the best I have ever had. I think I had dreams about that beer that night.

Really disappointed with the way Jester King is doing their tours now. You used to be able to stand in line, get a beer and sit down and enjoy it. Now you're just standing in line the entire time. Probably won't go back there.

Will have to see if the Niece knows about Pinthouse Pizza. Not too far from their house. Will be back soon.

draughthouse and pinthouse are my faves.  nxnw is great.  check out hopfields and there is a place on west sixth called brew exchange that prices beers based on demand.  not my type of bar but you can get good prices on obscure beers that are usually more expensive elsewhere.

Again I'm missing SXSW and am in Arkansas! Really wanted to hit Austin at least once this week and enjoy some brew. Won't happen I'm afraid.

We don't have the choices in SA but Freetail is quite good. The size of their brew room is about the size of a large closet!

Anyway I'd like a guided tour or the like of the breweries in Austin. Then a taxi back to a hotel...


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