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Subbing chocolate wheat for chocolate malt


I'm brewing a porter in a couple of days that calls for 4oz each of chocolate malt and roast barley (3 gallon batch). My LHBS was out of chocolate malt, and the closest thing they had was chocolate wheat. I've never brewed with chocolate wheat before, but I've read some mixed reports on how it compares to chocolate barley. Some say that it's harsher, closer to black patent than chocolate. Others say it's milder, closer to Carafa.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to sub in the chocolate wheat in the recipe? Should I be ok using an equal amount of the wheat as I would the chocolate, or should I use more (or less)? This is a rebrew of a porter that didn't quite hit the level of roastiness I was shooting for, so I would like to end up with a fairly roasty end result (without hitting the point of being harsh/acrid).

Based on what you've said, I would just sub 1:1.  For only 4 oz in a 3 gallon batch I think it will be fine.  That's what I would do.

I think it is smoother and less roasty than chocolate malt.  Chew on some.  The difference is evident in the taste.

As Jeff says, it is smoother. That is because wheat has no husk. It would be similar to Carafa Special malt.

I switched over to chocolate wheat a few years ago.  Love it!


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