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Red's Apple Ale

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Saw this on the Superbowl commercials youtube channel (W9, the channel that carries the superbowl here, doesn't carry the same commercials) and was wondering, wtf, is it a cider?

Not a cider.  Rather an apple flavored ale/ malt beverage.  Strong apple flavor.  I'm thinking it is targeting hard lemonade drinkers.

It tastes like Apple-flavored Smirnoff Ice. I didn't really any "beeriness" to speak of.

Support your local craft cider-maker / mead-maker instead...

Oh I can't buy it anywhere within 2,000 miles from here, so don't worry about that.

It sounds like an Apple version of the Alcopops you see nowadays. (This is why I wouldn't bother with going to Delirium Tremens bar in Bruxelles, btw - filled with this crap).


I'm headed that way this year - I'll make sure to scratch it off the list.

Actually, the only two things on the list are Cantillon and Westvleteren. After that, I'll have to do some research on what's close and worth going to.


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