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keg leak help

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I got home the other day and opened the fridge and found my new Baltic porter oozing out of the OUT keg connect where the fitting for the picnic tap hooks on.

Lost about half a gallon. >:(

I made sure that the post was tight, so I am thinking that the plastic fitting is to blame.

What experience with this?  Is it just a dirty fitting?  Should I not use it again? Wasting Baltic in the floor of the fridge ticked me off.

Thanks for your help.

I have had oozes at the post/qd interface a couple times. once because as the qd got turned this way and that it loosened the post enough to allow beer past the seal. The second time was with water (Thankfully) and was because I had the pressure cranked in an attempt to get sparkly water to the masses quicker and the cobra tap and/or QD was not able to resist that much pressure (around 35 PSI)

My first thought would be a bad o-ring on the post or a crack in the connector.

Too much pressure might do it too.  I haven't seen that problem, yet.


Thanks for the insight fellas.

Pressure was set at 12 psi. Normal.  No crack in the plastic fitting. But...the post top looks a little bent over a pretty good looking o-ring.  Maybe that post is the problem.

I guess this is penance for actually having a tap on that keg before it had even lagered!  It already tasted great... ::)

Take the connector apart and take a look - there is a slot on the top where you can put in a screw driver and take it apart.  Check the seals inside the connector.


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