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Why does all my beer taste the same?

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+1 to overcarbonation.  Also, I'm assuming the kits all came with yeast packets (maybe under the lid).  Three malt forward kits using the same yeast packets would definitely have some similarities.  Some kits unfortunately tend to taste somewhat similar, depending on manufacturer. Learn all you can and jump to all-grain when you're ready. You (and your friends!) will be glad you did.

+1 overcarbonation. If you have a local homebrew shop, ask them to help you out with getting the right amount of corn sugar. You can also look online for charts, but they can be confusing without some explanation.

+1 yeast selection - go with something other than what is in the kit. You can use dry yeast or liquid yeast, but if you use dry go with Safale S-04 (for malty beers) or S-05 (for hoppy, drier beers).

Don't give up - I had the same issue on my first few batches. It takes a little learning, but you can make great beer from kits!

Same thing happened with my first kit, and it was definitely overcarbonation. Once I switched to using a priming calculator and plain old table sugar - problem solved.

there is also considerable overlap in these kits on the grists and of note they all three use willamette hops.  when you combine this with over carbonation, i would expect similar flavor profiles. i try to not brew anything too similar back to back.  one way of judging this is looking at the bjcp guidelines and you can see overlaps. 

I just read the title of “Why does all my beer taste the same?” and the first thought that popped into my mind was: I bet he is using the same yeast strain. It is not too uncommon to go the a brewpub and several of the beers will taste similar (e.g., a Blonde Ale and a light Amber Ale for example). It is common for a brewpub to have a ‘house’ yeast for their ales and consequently unless there is a substantial difference in the grist of their beers they will taste similar.



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