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a witty man:
I'm a relatively new judge (recognized rank w/ only 1 point), and am excited to be attending my first NHC this year. At this point I'm planning on judging for the second round of the Competition on Thursday, but am wondering if this is realistic.

In selecting judges for the second round, are less experienced judges passed over for more experienced judges? Or is the competition always in need of more judges, regardless of level?

You never know.  I think that in general they look for National and above, but I'm sure that varies depending on the number of judges they need.

There were plenty of Certified judges last year and I recall some Recognized.  I'm fairly certain they'll want more experience than you've got but you've got months to go get some more.  At the very least you can steward and watch some of the highest-ranking judges work and taste some great beer.  You'll learn a lot.


I judged in the 2nd round last year right after I got my exam score back, so it can be done.

I think the decision rode on a few factors: my high test score (and recommendation from a GM2), my experience points (I had enough to be Certified right out of the gate) and the fact that a lot of judges who committed could not come due to the conference selling out so quickly.

YMMV, obviously. Email the judge coordinator and ask!

It is true that the competition organizers generally fill the judging slots with the most highly ranked judges available.  That doesn't mean you shouldn't volunteer to judge.  Good luck.


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