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2 beers, 2 yeasts, same nasty sulfur smell and taste

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bottled didnt keg. next on my list: kegging sysytem.

the bavarian was pretty similar in process water profile not much different.

Other than what seems to me overcomplicated water additions (but to each their own) I don't see anything inherent. maybe someone else will be able to chime in.

in defense of my water i live in a very hard water zone and it was the simplest way i could find im order to get my ra down to an appropriate level for this beer. People around here tend to have good success with their dark beers but their lighter beers tend to miss the mark.

Which I tend to correlate with the water they are using. My cream ale and american hefes come out great. But i use kolsh and cal ale yeast with them.

I think it is the yeast strains? I just want to figure out how to avoid or correct this sulfur problem. I thought about trying white labs instead?   Maybe it is the ferm temperatures?

I don't have experience with these particular yeast strains, but some throw a whole lot of sulfur and it just takes time to clear it out. Raising the temp a few degrees at the end of fermentation may help clear out the sulfur a bit quicker.

Try opening the bottles and letting them "breathe" for a minute or two before pouring. It could be that the sulfur has continued to off-gas in the bottle and just needs to clear out of the headspace.

What is the age of these beers?  Sulfur always disappears with age, even if it is really strong.  Normally this takes 3 to 4 weeks, but it can sometimes require several months.  If it is still fairly young, then relax, it will surely age out.  Just needs some time.


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