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I really like my fast rack I have only used 12 oz. bottles in it but it will hold a total of 24 bomber sized bottles in 2 racks. Hope this helps.

Mine arrived in the mail a few days ago. 

The racks themselves are solidly constructed out of very heavy duty plastic.  The drip tray is a bit flimsy, but it is the least important component of the system.  When stacked, the whole thing is really stable (more so than I would have expected).

I bought it for storage more than as a sanitizing system.


I also bought some, and am quite impressed with them. Quite sturdy, and made my bottling day just a bit easier.

Jeff M:
I wish i had seen these before i bought that huge bottling tree i have.  Still, its good for something, my buddy has dubbed it a "Jewish Christmas Tree".  I find this hilarious.  When Hanuckah comes around this year he is going to put it in his window with his candles!


Rather than starting a new thread on this existing Subject, I figured I would tack onto this old one.

I've been bottling a bunch of kegged beers lately (too many beers, not enough kegs or fridge space) with the BeerGun, and I find that colder bottles are less prone to foaming.  I bought several sets of FastRacks to be able to stack a couple of layers of clean and sanitized bottles in my fridge to chill them prior to bottling.

An issue is that although their web site says it works with "Belgian 22 oz. (650 ml) bottles", they do *not* properly fit standard Belgian 750ml cork finish bottles (which I use frequently), without modification, because the diameter of the bottle's neck is too wide to fit all the way down into the holes.  You can sit them in there and they won't fall out, but they wobble loosely and this makes them un-stackable.

I applied a 1 3/8" hole saw to several of the holes to test the process of widening the bottom of the holes, and the bottles now fit perfectly.  The problem with this solution is that you cannot do it on the corners because those serve as the "feet" of the rack, and boring out a wider hole would also cut off the bottom part of those feet.

Hopefully they come out with a Gen II version which takes care of this issue.  Making the bottom of each hole wider so that Belgian bottles fit does not affect the way other sized bottles fit in those same holes.  So fixing this could be done with the exact same product dimensions.  Pic shows two Belgian bottles, one in a drilled out hole and one as-is.  Also, in order to stack racks holding Belgian bottles (after drilling out the holes), you need to use 22 oz. bomber bottles in the 4 corners. This basically lets you only put 6 Belgian bottles in each rack.


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