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Anybody familiar with BRY-97 by lallemand?

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I was at the home brew store in Lawrence KS. They had all Lallemand yeasts for $3 a package. I saw some of this. The owner said it competes with Fermentus S 05. I haven't been having very good luck with O5 lately so I picked up a few packages of this stuff. I was just wondering if anybody has had any experience with it.

I just used it in an American Brown this weekend.  I rehydrated it just as I do all dry yeast and it took about 36 hours for it to take off, but man, did it take off!!!  Let's just say I'm glad I used a blowoff tube.  It was very active at 64F.  From everything I've read, that's pretty much standard protocol for that yeast.  I won't know anything about flavor profile until I take a gravity reading in a few days, but it's my understanding that it's fairly clean.

The lag time significantly reduces upon repitch. I've used the yeast a few batches at my tiny nano brewery. When the yeast is still in suspension, there are lots of bready/doughy characteristics. It drops out about the same as US-05 in my estimation. Not sure that this yeast is as sensitive to mash temperature as it is specialty grain percentage, but that might just be specific to my setup.

I just finished a keg of pale ale brewed with this yeast. Was ok- and was noticeably different than S-05.Jury is still out on this yeast.

I just used this in an IPA and can attest to the lag time. Was starting to get worried but it took off. I just kegged it and since I haven't used US-05 in awhile, I can't say I detect much difference yet. It seems to be a decent American Ale yeast but is more expensive than US-05.


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