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How to adjust fermentation / aging schedule in Beer Smith 2


Need to know how to create / adjust the fermentation / aging profile to reflect how I ferment and age the beer.
I use Beer Smith 2 and typically make 5 gal batches of imperial beers, 18 to 23 pounds grain. Use a temperature regulated fridge set at 68 F to ferment and bottle condition. Aging is at room temp.

Routine at 68 F is: Primary - 14 days, Secondary / Dry Hop (if needed) - 7 days, Bottle condition - 30 days and age 30 days at room temp.

Question: How to show this schedule correctly on brew step print out? Selected 3 step fermentation including tertiary. Can set the days correctly for each step but brew steps shows dry hop after the tertiary step. I transfer to secondary and dry hop for 7 days then bottle condition in the fridge at 68 F. No big problem, just wondering if there is a way to adjust this schedule or create a custom fermentation / aging profile.


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