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morebeer reconditioned corny kegs

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I bought one of those. I received it a few weeks ago. Today I got it out to clean it up and get ready to fill it tomorrow and this is what I found.

I have been trying to get that outpost, or whatever it is called, off with a 25 inch long half inch drive breaker bar and it absolutely will not budge. You would think they would inspect a keg after reconditioning it. I am all done doing business with them.

Have you contacted them about replacing it?  Doesn't do you much good immediately, but at least you could avoid a total loss.

I sent them an email with the photo attached. I don't know what they can do about it that won't involve me having to pack this thing up and ship it back to them. It just burns me that they replaced all the O rings and sent the thing out to me like this. I would thought they would have inspected it when they reconditioned it. I wish I would have inspected it closely when I unpacked it. If I did I would have sent it right back.

If they actually replaced all of the o-rings they would have had to take that post off, so if it won't come off now they over tightened it.  You could try soaking it in hot water or spraying it to loosen it up.

The dent on the post is not the worst thing in the world, they usually still work that way although sometimes you have to finagle the fitting on.

Do you know anyone with an impact wrench?  Adjust it down to a low torgue setting and let it hammer away for a few strokes.  The hammering will loosen it more easily than trying to brute force it. 

It's too bad so many people think you have to torgue everything down at 500+ ft/lbs to get a seal.  8^(



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