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morebeer reconditioned corny kegs

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I've had some problems with More Beer in the past and they have always worked hard to make it right. I can understand why you are irritated that the keg shipped out in the first place (and if they truly were "reconditioned you's think that this one would not have been very easy to replace "o" rings on) but you gotta hand it to them regardless for fixing your issue.

Good on morebeer I say.

I had a 10 gallon keg with a post like that, and I used it for a couple of years before I noticed it.  Hard to get the post on, but otherwise, no problems. I finally noticed some air getting in the lines and realized the post needed to be repaired.  I had removed the post a couple of times and just hadn't noticed it.  It happens. Glad they made it right. 

I just received my replacement keg. But instead of including shipping labels to send the old one back in the box the replacement came in,  they gave me a FedEx URL where I could log in and print my own. The problem is 1. the link to print the labels from at the FedEx URL is dead. 2. I don't have a printer so I have to hope I can somehow put the labels on a thumb drive and take them someplace to have them printed. They just refuse to make this easy.

The post is very protected by the handles. It would have to be a precise impact to land on the post and I fail to see how it could happen during shipping to you.

It might have happened if it was just thrown into a shipping container along with a thousand other kegs. Regardless, the fact that the keg was sent to you like that really makes me question buying anything from Morebeer despite their attempt to reconcile the situation.

I also judge businesses by the pain in the rear factor. Too much and I go somewhere else even if it costs a bit more.


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