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My new Love affair with Pho

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You really don't want to make Pho at home. I have, it is a PITA and you end up with soup. Pho Tai is my favorite.

If you're ever in Richmond, VA this is a great place to go, the Pho is cheap and the beer is phenomenal.

Beer list from December

I like slow-cooked pho barbecue!   ;)

Must Resist PHO   :o


--- Quote from: dbeechum on February 10, 2013, 07:02:11 AM ---I know I live in Southern California and I know that here menudo is supposed to be the king high of hangover foods. (Personally I prefer machaca con huevos.)

But damned if pho doesn't beat the pants off menudo for curing you of everything wrong. Personally, I tend to go for the #1 pho, which seems to be in every restaurant the pho that contains all the weird s*** you don't want to know about!

--- End quote ---

Hangover + Pho + nap = Good to Go

Always struggled pairing a beverage with Pho. Any suggestions? Kinda thought Brooklyn's Local 1 might be a decent pick.

Speaking of - I'll look up Garrett Oliver's book when I get home.

There is a restaurant in Davis called the Pho King.  ;D


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