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Sanitizer in the Fermenter

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Ok, so I was racking to my secondary for the first time, and I primed my racking cane with sanitizer.  When I moved it into the fermenter, the siphon broke, releasing about a racking cane worth of sanitizer into the brew.  I went ahead and racked it anyhow, but has anyone had any issues with this? :-\

What sanitizer were you using?  I'd bet that you got such a small amount in there you'll be fine.


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I'd say there was a lesson learned there. Look into getting an autosiphon if you must siphon.

Based on scale I'd say you will probably be ok flavor-wise. That kind of sanitizer can seriously jack up any living organisms in a solution, but again probably dilute enough not to have a large effect. If you have carbing problems then you'll know what the reason is.

Siamese Moose:
I have put 10 gallons of fresh wort onto 2 gallons of star-san, and it came out fine. The iodine in the sanitizer will evaporate fairly quick, especially if there's any significant CO2 generation. If you're really worried about it add some fresh yeast a day before bottling.


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