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Sanitizer in the Fermenter

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--- Quote from: Siamese Moose on February 11, 2013, 06:36:41 PM ---I have put 10 gallons of fresh wort onto 2 gallons of star-san, and it came out fine. The iodine in the sanitizer will evaporate fairly quick, especially if there's any significant CO2 generation. If you're really worried about it add some fresh yeast a day before bottling.

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StarSan and iodine sanitizers are two different animals, with iodine being a poison. 2 gallons of any sanitizer, or anything other than the beer into a 5 gallon batch would be a drain pour in my book. I don't think you'd want more than a trace residual of even the iodine sanitizer remaining, never mind ounces of it.

I actually have an autosiphon, but it keeps losing the seal at the neck (the hose doesn't seal well to the cane).  Guess I need a new hose.  I did discover that it doesn't reach the bottom of my carboy, so that sort of sucks too.

@Moose - If I add yeast prior to bottling, won't I have problems blowing up the bottles?

No problems as long as it is fully fermented.  Then the yeast only have the priming sugar available to ferment.  But I agree that a racking cane worth should not cause much problem, if it was a fairly diluted solution to start with.


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