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I will be traveling to Seattle for the first time for 3 days next week and am wondering which breweries are must visit? Probably will be staying near the Space Needle, looking for cheap hotel recommendation as well... Thanks!

I really like Pike Brewing at the Pike Place Market. I've seen it dissed on a few boards but I've always enjoyed myself.

Elysian is supposed to be very good, haven't made it there yet.

Big Time in the University District was right around the corner from my apartment and I spent a fair amount of time there in grad school. Food is nothing special but they make some solid beers. Go across the street to Schultzy's for food -- sausage made on site and some good beers on tap. Mmm, Schultzy's.

Hampton Inn or Comfort Suites are both close to the Seattle Center (Space Needle) and are probably as cheap as you can get downtown.

I'd second the recommendation for Pike Brewing. I've always enjoyed it there.

If you get up north of downtown at all, I'd also recommend touring the Red Hook brewery in Woodinville.

I'm also a big fan of Naked City Brewing and Taphouse, at 8564 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle.  Great food, nice people, and a constantly-rotating wall of the best craft beer around, including a few of their own creations. Also, they have an EXTENSIVE collection of bottled belgian beer. Naked City is always on my list when I go to Seattle.

You really can't go wrong in that city for beer.

For any city visit, a great database for all things beer from breweries to LHBS's

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