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I've used about 2% honey malt in a rye ale that had about 27% rye malt. It's there, but it's a subtle sweetness behind the distinctive rye flavor.


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--- Quote from: mabrungard on February 12, 2013, 06:50:46 AM ---Next time you are in your LHBS and they have Honey malt, do sample a few kernels.  It does have an amazingly honey-like flavor that does make it to the beer.  I agree that this is one of those grains that should be utilized in moderation.  It would be easy to overdo.

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I agree...a little bit goes a long way.
But it's great stuff and it finds its way into a lot of my 'standard' beers in varying amounts.    It adds a particularly appealing richness to the  brews I design specifically for long aging.

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What is the highest % you have used in a beer? I have always stuck around 5% and have never thought that it was very noticeable. I would like to use more but don't want to overdo like many warn is easy to do

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I used ~10% honey malt, along with 5% victory, in a borderline APA/IPA that turned out very well. It might have been a little sweeter than a typical APA, but the higher bitterness countered it perfectly and it certainly was not an over-the-top sweetness or honey character.


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