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Please help me determine what category this should fit into. I am leaning toward American Amber though it was meant to be an APA. My issue is that I don't think I have tasted an amber this malty either. The flavor is very malty with a balanced hop bitterness although there are flavor/aroma addtions as well. I don't drink/brew many German style beers but it tastes like a malty german alt or something balanced by some hop bitterness and feremented with american ale yeast. Sorry I have been posting about this beer a lot....

100% munich I
16 g Zythos 60 min
7 g Zythos 20 min
23 g Zythos 10 min
23 g Zythos 5 min
23 g Zythos 0 min
21 g Zythos dry hop

OG 1.060
FG 1.012
ABV 6.3%
IBUs 37.5
SRM 9.2

It's pretty tasty just not at all what I was going for...ha. It will help me to realize that I am drinking something other than an APA. I know it may not truly fit anywhere. Let me know if any additional info will help.

Ya know, based on your descriptions I could go for any your choices for style.  But you're the only one who can taste it.  I suggest you sit down with a glass of it and read through the style guidelines for each of the categories you're considering.  Whatever it sounds most like is what you can call it.

+1 on what Denny says, sit down with a taster glass and the style guidelines and decide for yourself.

Reading your description and looking at the beer's "stats", it looks to me like a strong English Pale Ale.  It might be missing the typical caramel malt flavors and aromas, but I bet it might show well as a BJCP, 8C.

Thanks guys. I obviously don't know much about styles/categories but I assumed that US05 would rule out anything other than american styles. When I say malty, it has a pretty prominent caramel malty flavor and aroma. The hops are really only noticeable from a bitterness perspective.

I will take your advice and take a more detailed look at style guidelines next time I have one....

Remember, a beer isn't judged based on its recipe or ingredients, only the end result. For example, right now I'm drinking a beer that I brewed as an Alt, but it smells and tastes like an IIPA. I've also had several good APA's brewed with English-style yeast.

From your description, your beer sounds a lot like an Alt to me. But this is definitely a good opportunity to get a different perspective on a few styles by comparing your beer to the guidelines.


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