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Best way to aerate wort just prior to pitching yeast

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I am not big fan of O2.
I use venturi tube like this to airate the wort.

No problem to ferment 18.5 Plato beer with this.

Thirsty_Monk, interesting gadget but how do you use it? I assume the threaded ends fit inline when draining wort from pot to fermenter but what do you attach to the barb to aerate with, bottled oxygen, an aquarium pump, what?


Yes the threaded ends are liquid in and out and barb end is the gas injection in. You could use O2 but I just use air with sterile filter. There are different sizes of venturi tubes.

I almost exclusively use dry yeast. There is a definite affect when aerating the wort. It appears to be a shorter lag-time. But, one is just as well off by using splashing as a method of aerating and using dry yeast; it is much more important to properly rehydrate the yeast than inducing oxygen into the wort.

When "aerating" I prefer to use a cheap powder coated paint stirrer and my drill to whip up the wort. I've done with and without extensively and am now investigating whether or not one needs to aerate with dry lager yeast.

I ferment 3-gallon batches in plastic fermenters (5-gal better bottles and homemade fermenters made from food-safe buckets) and my last step in the brewing process is to put the fermenter on a folded towel, sit on the kitchen kickstool, and vigorously rock the bucket for no less than 5 minutes. My beers always have good "kickoff" and it's good for my upper arms. ;)


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