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Founder's Dry-Hopped Pale Ale


Absolutely fantastic! The hop aroma and flavor are awesome. As soon as you open the bottle you get blasted with a nose-full of cascade. So good it'll make you wanna smack your mama!

Founder's just keeps hitting it out of the park for me, another home run in my opinion.

Highly recommended.

I saw this for the first time and remembered this thread. So of course, I bought it!  8) Unfortunetely for me, it wasn't quite there. It wasn't bad, but there are quite a few other pale ales that I would choose over this one. I'm with you about Founder's though. Their beers are usually pretty epic in my opinion, but this one didn't quite live of their rep for me. But they wouldn't brew and sell it if people didn't like it!

I just drank another one of these. I may have to take back my previous comment due to disqualification lol. The bottling date on this six pack is 3/36/12.... So, I would imagine most of the dry-hop flavor was long gone!

I live here in Grand rapids, so Founders is a stone's throw from my house...Ok, two stone throws. Anyway, Getting fresh beer is obviously not a challenge and just about every body has Founders (and Bell's) on tap. I think you'll appreciate the beer a great deal if you can get it fresh.

Good luck,

+1.  Had it fresh - killer APA.


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