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Just bought a 14cuft fridgedaire freezer,and installed Johnson controls a419. Curious about people's experience with accuracy of temperature for the unit, and if you find better accuracy with thermowell or just taping probe to side of carboy with bubble wrap or foam covered with tape.

I've set it to 52F, with +-1F on/off.

I tape it under some foam and it's always right on for me.  I have a 7 cuft chest freezer.  If I have two fermenters in there I just trap the probe between the two.

I don't even bother with the foam. Whatever your fermenter is made out of, it's a couple orders of magnitude better conductor than air.

Do you use 1 or 2f+- differential? I'm thinking if my ideal temp is 52f, is set it to shut off at 51 and on at 53...or 1f differential.

I use 1 degree as the differential. 


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