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Dang. Yous all boring. 
How can the AHA Pub be so dead?

Seems like we need another hogwash thread.
Mind-less or mind-full pub blabber.
What say you?

I found a dead golden eagle today.
It pissed me off.

If that's a sober post, you need to start drinking.

I think an appropriate responce here is "I like turtles".

This does remind me that we haven't heard from BlueFoxy in awhile.  8) 8)


 :-\.  Shucks.  I didn't think I would ever get the "I like turtles".

 :o Sober post; just wanted to start a miscellaneous conversation of divergent interest.
I love meaningless blather at the pub.

Yea, carry on. I will start drinking now. Feel free to talk about the weather.   8)

I would also be pissed off if I found an Eagle that had been shot! I was not going to drink today but with this news I might have to!


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