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Long fermentation - is it time to bottle?

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--- Quote from: beermo on February 15, 2013, 09:45:02 PM ---That makes sense about the temperature. It's at a pretty constant 68°F in there though... and with the fermentation slowing down I would think the temp would drop slightly, if anything. Are there other things that would cause the CO² to come out of suspension?

I appreciate the help though guys, thank you. I guess the only way to be sure is to get the ol' beer thief out and take a reading. I was just hoping to avoid that. Call me greedy but I wanted as much finished beer to bottle as possible :-P I think I'll adjust my recipes to allow for a 6 gallon batch and then I don't have to worry about those losses ;-)

Thanks again, ya'all!

--- End quote ---

co2 will just slowly come out of suspension until it is in equlibrium with the surrounding atmosphere.

Keep brewing and bottling. I got bored with gravity readings and haven't taken one in last year or so. Beer is fine.

Watching a fermentation-lock as the prime indicator of "when it's done" is a common trap for many brewers.
Actually looking at the beer over the course of a fermentation will educate one as to when to bottle or not.

Now don't be deluded that this cavalier attitude applies when brewing super strong beer. It still pays to monitor this type of fermentation a bit more closely.


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