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Beer Labels?

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Right on!  Thanks

Does anyone use any freeware and/or open source software that would be comparable to Publisher? I find that word processing apps (i.e., Open Office/Libre Office) aren't robust enough for me and image/photo editing software (i.e., GIMP) is too cumbersome for this type of editing.

Just thought I'd chime in and say that if you rub skim milk on the back of home printed labels it works pretty well as a glue.
I've even had some withstand a cooler on a beach.  But I think that depends on the paper you use and also if you get them printed on a laserjet printer so the ink doesn't run.

If you have a Mac, Pixelmator is absolutely brilliant for $15.

I have recently started making labels for tap handles. I use a combination of label sites on the web and Publisher. I just import images and put text boxes/word art/etc on them. Try these sites out for ideas, plus you can make your own labels on them (some cost money to download the images, though):

Here are a few labels I made:

I have also used Adobe Illustrator to make a brewery sign (see below). It's very expensive, but a 30 trial can be downloaded for free. It's definitely combersome if you haven't ever used it, but you can do just about anything with it. You can see it here with my kegerator build post:


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