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Oxygen aeration with tank

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Need advice on pressure setting and SS aeration stone size. Have the oxygen tank and regulator from my gas welding set up. What pressure setting do most of you use with an adjustable regulator. Think increasing the pressure until I see bubbles and backing off a bit will work. A ballpark initial starting pressure setting will help.

Air stone size. Commonly see .5 and 2 micron SS aeration stones. Thinking the .5 would be best as the smaller bubbles should get absorbed quicker.

Is the Williams air wand worth it? Thinking the stone at the end of vinyl tubing may float when oxygen is introduced. The Williams wand gets good reviews, just wondering if the stone and tubing works as well?

Just discovered Morebeer also carries a wand, $29.50 with free shipping.
Beats the William's one for $34.90 plus $7.50 shipping if it is as good. Any thoughts?

I bought the stone/wand from williams and its been working great for me. I don't normally leave it sitting in the bucket while aerating, i always swirl it around for the duration but its pretty heavy,  i doubt it will float with the o2 going thru it.

Thanks Tony. Another vote for the William's wand that I most likely will buy. Was only concerned with the SS stone in just the flex tubing (no wand) floating, as some says it does, when the oxygen is on.

I used the stone with flex tubing for 10 plus years. I found it was hard trying to move the stone where I wanted it. I bought the wand (can't recall if it's Williams) and love it, the flex tube is retired.


Another vote for the Williams Wand, purchased one about a month ago and used it on my last two brews. I love it.



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