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Oxygen aeration with tank

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Yet another vote for the Williams Wand.  I found with the vinyl tubing and stone for matter what I tried , the stone would not go where I wanted it to.

The wand is magical  ;D

Joe Sr.:
Never tried the tubing, but I've been using the wand for years.  Love it.

Yep, me too on the wand.  Got mine for Christmas and love it!


My aeration stone is on the end of a piece of 3/16" tubing.  I can tell you it doesn't float.  Seems to work fine.


I just bought an aeration pump from Norther Brewer with flex tubing.  Glad I saw this string and am looking at the wand.  In regards to use, how long does it take to aeerate a 5 gallon batch and do you move the stone around every few minutes to different spots in the bucket?


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