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Zip ties in the brew kettle

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I contemplating buying some nylon paint strainers to use instead of the muslin grain bags. If I happen to buy the kind without a drawstring, would it be a problem to use zip ties to close the tops when used during the boil? I not concerned that they'll melt but maybe some off-flavors?

Not 100% sure how it will hold up in the boil, but I have two strings of stainless nuts in my mash tun to weight down my plastic manifold inside the cooler.   They have been there for 3 years now with no issues.

Also, I used to do work in the injection molding field.  The plastic for most zip ties, does not begin to get soft until 350 F or so.  With that in mind, it should be more than safe in the kettle.  I would be more worried about the thinner material of the nylon bags than the nylon tie wrap.

Good luck and enjoy!

Jimmy K:
I'd just tie the bag with a square knot.
The zip ties might contribute off-flavors, but then so might the bag. Neither is food grade.

I used zip ties all the time with no problem but changed to a small spider because fishing out the bags was a pain in the ass. Was adding bittering hops and then fishing out the boiling hot bag to add flavour hops at 30, 15 and 5 min not workable. The spider makes sense to me. I do still use the nylon zip ties when I need to dry hop a beer.

Thanks for the info. I'd heard of the hop spider and after looking it up, it looks like something I'll try. I've read that utilization may be an issue because confining the hops to one area would restrict movement, any thoughts on that?


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