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Bruce B:
We just do business cards through a local printer and have a laminating machine at the meetings for those who want to laminate them. It's a very budget friendly approach. 


--- Quote from: dbeechum on February 19, 2013, 01:35:24 AM ---We're pretty lucky in the sense that we have a member who runs a print store and so has the whole plastic credit card setup. In fact, he uses those as his tags that he attaches to his kegs.

One thing we do, just for CYA purposes, is the back of the card is also printed with a disclaimer about consumption and being an idiot. I have no clue if it has any standing legally, but it's there as a good reminder to folks - don't be a dummy, dummy.

--- End quote ---

And it comes in handy at all the local Brewpubs too

Jeff M:
i would look at vistaprint, they have a large amount of options available.

After we designed our card I had PDF file made, 10 cards on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet.  Using Adobe Acrobat Pro I inserted the club member’s names and printed them on a nice grade cover stock.  I cut them on one of those office paper trimmers, than I laminated them front and back.   They turned out great and very professional looking.  When new members join it’s very convenient to make more.


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