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--- Quote from: Kit B on February 22, 2013, 06:04:39 PM ---You mention that you can get your entire arm into the keg...
Are the lids an odd size?

--- End quote ---
From what I understand they do have a bigger opening. So regular corny lids won't fit.

The opening is much larger than my other kegs. In those kegs I can't get my arm in past my wrist. On this one there is plenty of room to reach all the way in. This is the arm that fits in there.

Any insight on using these to ferment in? Would there be enough room at the bottom for the yeast cake in a 3 gallon batch? I've been thinking about moving to kegs to ferment in, but the ONLY thing holding me back is the possibility of clogging when I'm trying to push out the yeast to close-transfer the beer to the serving keg.

Joe Sr.:
I think there might be.  On the ones I have the dip tube stops short above the dome in the middle, so you have a decent amount of space for the yeast cake to settle out.  I've never measured how much liquid would fit there, though.

I'm going to try and ferment in a corny this weekend, see what happens. If it clogs, then I'll siphon it out and think about how to fix it. Many seem to swear by doing this. The Joe Klinck video doesn't say anything about messing with the dip tube.  Perhaps taking care to keep hops out of the fermentor would be a good idea. Otherwise, why wouldn't yeast push out?


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