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Joe Sr.:
I have two of the 2.5 gallon kegs of this style.  The price was right, and they work just great.

Apropo of another thread where I learned that pin locks have thicker gauge steel, these kegs seem to be thinner gauge than standard cornies.  So they could damage easily.  I'm not typically chucking them around though.

I found that the dip tubes in mine were a little shorter than I liked, particularly with the domed bottom (though it is nice to not always pick up the yeast).  It seemed like a fair amount of beer to lose in a small keg.

So far, I've had them in use for at least a year.

Yeah the domed bottom is a trade off. On the one hand I can prime my kegs with sugar and set them aside, then not suck up sediment when pouring, but on the other hand I will forfeit a pint or two of beer. I suppose I could pour that into a glass at cleaning time :)

I think I'm going to pick up a the 2 pack deal here pretty soon. These look nice!

Kit B:
You mention that you can get your entire arm into the keg...
Are the lids an odd size?

i have 3 of these and like them much better than the other 2 i have that are taller. being shorter it fits nicely in my keggerator, allowing me to get 3 of them inside with a regulator.


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