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The best thing to clean the lines with is Beer Line Cleaner, and if buildup has become an issue, use an Acid Line Cleaner first. Now being that StarSan is an acid, and PBW is kind of a caustic, you may get some results, but probably not the best results as you would using the proper chemicals in the right order. Using the right chemical for the job will always give the best results.

There is also a new chemical called Desana Max that I will be testing as soon as my lines need cleaning and it is a one-shot color-indicating chemical that is supposed to be the best yet, we'll see how that goes in real-world use.

As for getting the chemical into the lines, the best thing truly is whatever you have laying around that can be connected :-) If you put 1/4" flare connections on the ends of your lines, you can connect anything. I use a corny keg and pressurize with C02 or if I'm feeling cheap just clean compressed air. Garden sprayers are cheap and work great and the hose can have flare fittings attached as well.

I used 4% caustic soda this weekend. worked like a charm but I do want to try some BLC since it should be safer than caustic.


I've gotten to the point where I just replace my beer lines every 4 months or so. Part of it is lazy, but it is just faster for me. I dissassemable faucets and couplers/taps/QDC and soak them in hot oxyclean and hit them with a brush and put it all back together with new lines. New lines don't need sanitizing, by the way.

I also use BLC. I have a hand pump to run it through the lines. It works great and cleans the lines like new.

Beer Line Cleaner


--- Quote from: majorvices on February 26, 2013, 07:28:51 AM ---New lines don't need sanitizing, by the way.
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Any problems with flavor/aroma from the vinyl? I'd be nervous about running beer through without at least a quick rinse.


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